Why Use Legal Property Agents Fronted By A Real Estate Agent?

Legal Property Agents

Legal Property Agents

It’s now common place for real estate agents to recommend legal property agents to undertake conveyancing process. Working with the wrong solicitor can make the sale fall. A legal expert makes it critical for the seller, and the buyer go through a quick or slow property sale.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using the services of property lawyers recommended by the estate agent, to undertake the conveyancing duties. Below we discuss these pros and cons…


To some, it may seem obvious. However working with a conveyancer courtesy of the property agent, you should ask yourself is he/she will be reliable. The house agent may have used him/her severally. They have a good professional relationship.

The conveyancing process will conclude on time. Shouldn’t be, the property agent steps in to guarantee the transactions speeds up, so your home is disposed of fast.


House agents have come under fire recently for accepting a payoff from conveyancing solicitors. They get a commission for sending clients their way. An unethical behavior shunned by many people who perceive the behavior to be both greedy and ugly.

Question is; do you wish to conduct business with a money hungry individual? If the action of the agent does not go well with you. Make arrangements for a private house sale, save your money on the fee you pay to the agent as well.

Another drawback to using a legal lawyer suggested by the home buyer is their tendency of being expensive.

How Does a Legal Property Conveyancer Look Like?

Maybe you decide that you prefer using a housing lawyer that you choose for yourself. Perhaps the real estate agent recommends several conveyancers. It’s important that you deliberate upon the ones that should handle the sale on your behalf.

There are several features that establish a great conveyancing service. These points are as follows…

  • The authorized practitioners belong to a body. Such as; Council of Licensed Conveyancers or the Law Society
  • Specializes in residential and commercial conveyancing
  • Quality conveyancing services will help you discover who will be handling your transaction. You will get relevant contact information


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