What Do Conveyancers Do For The Selling Property Solicitor Fee

Selling Property Solicitor Fee

Selling Property Solicitor Fee

If you desire to dispose of a property in the United Kingdom, you will have to find a conveyancer to take care of the legal work. You will have to pay a fixed cost charge that refers to; Selling Property Solicitor Fee. The steps below are part of this transaction…

First Phase: Sale Agreement

The instant you agree on the sale. Your’ Solicitor Will:

  • Get a hold of the title-deeds and ask you to fill a questionnaire
  • Prep and post a package with legal info and sale contract
  • Request a settlement figure for the mortgage and any other loans that you may have
  • Get in touch with other parties. Negotiate a moving date after completion

Second Phase: Contracts Exchange

  • The time contracts change hands. Your’ Conveyancing Solicitor Will:
  • Receive the deposit as down-payment
  • Consolidate final accounts. Prepare final approval statement
  • Collect any funds balance when necessary
  • Approves the deed of transfer. Makes arrangements for you to sign the deed

Third Phase: Completion

In the final stage. Your’ Legal Appointee Will:

  • Pay off mortgage fees. Notify the Land Registry
  • Hand over the deeds. Send any monetary balance to you

Selling Off a Property in Scotland

As the seller, you may employ an estate agent or a developer to sell/market the property on your behalf. You may employ a solicitor to effect the process. In some instances; the agent is also the lawyer.

Step One: Before an Offer

Before any Offer comes: The Lawyer Will:

  • Get the title deeds from the building society or bank. The institution where the loan/property belongs
  • Request settlement figure for your secured loans and mortgage
  • Accept and process information notification of interest on your behalf. Pass over relevant details

Step Two: Making an Offer

When it comes to placing an offer: The Lawyer Will:

  • Accept formal legal presentation from the agent marketing the house. Review the offers. Ask you the step forward
  • Confirm to you acceptable offer content
  • Advice changes of offer when necessary. Forward the changes to the conveyancing solicitor representing the buyer. The changes are in writing

Step Three: Concluding an Offer

When an offer is up for a conclusion, the following takes place

  • The selling party accepts one offer. Instructs the hired legal helper to complete missives
  • The time all parties agree to a final offer of the term including changes.

A final document finalizing the purchase goes to the solicitor representing the buyer. This process refers to “concluding missives” it is legally binding

The Conveyancing Solicitor Will:

  • Accept full payment for the property on the date of the agreement from the buyers legal council
  • Pass over title deeds together with any relevant documents to the solicitor of the other party
  • Make payments for the mortgage fees or secured loans if applicable


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