The Role Of Solicitor Conveyancer Plays In Preparing For Fast Completion

Solicitor For Fast Completion

Solicitor For Fast Completion

Some of the roles that conveyancing solicitors undertake for fast completion include;

  • Receiving the deposit from the buying party
  • Obtaining settlement figure from the current mortgage from the financier
  • Obtaining the real estate agent commission account

The solicitor also prepares a Financial Completion Statement, takes care of the Transfer Deed approval and makes arrangements for the Deed to be signed by the selling party and if need be, the buyer as well.

At the same time, the property lawyer representing the buyer will prepare for the Completion Stage by sending the Contract and deposit to the seller’s property lawyer.

The Seller’s agent will make final Bankruptcy and Land Registry searches that are a necessity when it comes to preparing for the final accounts. The same time, the buyer’s solicitor requests the balance necessary for the Completion of the transaction.

The Final StageSolicitor For Fast Completion

  • The point where the seller’s legal aid conducts duties such as;
  • Receiving Completion funds from the buyer’s legal aid
  • Paying any existing mortgage payments
  • Releasing the property keys via the estate agents

The purchaser’s property solicitor will send the remaining balance to the seller’s legal representative. He/she will also pay Stamp Duty, HM Revenue and Customs Fees. He/she will also register changes in the HM Land Registry and the Title among various things.

The solicitor also holds the responsibility of sending the Title Deeds to the financier if applicable or the buying party in the absence of a mortgage. These are demanding tasks for fast completion of the conveyancing process.

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