Standard Re-Mortgage Solicitor Fees & Legal Process

Re-Mortgage Solicitor Fees

Re-Mortgage Solicitor Fees

Re-mortgaging is an act that involves taking out a fresh mortgage on a house property that you have a title-deed. Re-mortgaging is a process that can also occur  when there is already a present mortgage on the property, and also in instances when a previous mortgage has been paid up for in full.

The most likely event is when a new mortgage is taken out mostly by a different mortgage financier and for the payment of the amount balance on the mortgage in existence. It is an act that revolves around moving your mortgage to another loan provider for the purpose of taking the advantage of a better rate or deal altogether.

There are two common reasons why you may opt to get a re-mortgage on your property house…

You might be looking to release a bit of equity from the property for purposes of covering major expenses or for the purpose of having your debts consolidated.

Maybe you have landed a better deal through a different mortgage provider, the second mortgage provider may be granting you much flexibility, shorter mortgage terms or even perhaps monthly payments that are lower.

Whichever circumstance that made you opt to settle for a re-mortgage on the property will require you to hire services provided by professional conveyancing solicitors that will be able to handle the legal process.

Standard Re-Mortgage Solicitor Fees

Conveyancing solicitors are handling re-mortgages usually charge fees that amount to £300 to £400 for the legal process conducted on a re-mortgage. Adding to this sum, third-party costs incurred by the solicitor to complete the process such as disbursement fees are passed along to you and get listed on the solicitor involve marked “disbursements”.

A lot of people question if it is critical to hire a conveyancing solicitor in instances when they wish to re-mortgage a property given the numerous fee payments. For this query, it is important to hire conveyancing solicitors.
It is important that you take a keen look at the role played by the conveyancing solicitor for the purpose of appreciating the fees paid unto them.

Who Handles The Re-Mortgaging Transaction?

An appointed conveyancer acts on your behalf and your mortgage financier. The solicitor undertakes a majority of the workload involved in a property re-mortgaging plan. These are individuals who place requests and organize all the paperwork, arrange for necessary checks and complete searches.

The same people make sure that the title doesn’t have any defects, they also make arrangements for Bank transfers, register the new title and conduct an equity transfer when necessary. These are also legal experts who make correspondence with the mortgage seller and yourself to have you both fully informed ensuring they meet the needs of every party.

There is usually very little work involved in property re-mortgaging aspects than the work involved in a property purchase. Reason being, only title defects that are likely to affect the property resale value are taken into account. This as opposed to factors which impact the owner’s desirability including;  difficulty of access, noisy neighbours and even disputes on boundaries.

In a property purchase, any problems towards this nature are critical. They might cause the buyer to pull away, however since the property ownership doesn’t change in a re-mortgage process, it’s not important that the conveyancing solicitor takes a look into such matters.


But do not believe to one bit that the re-mortgaging process is very simple as it sounds. There are lots of work that conveyancing solicitors are required to conclude. These are solicitors that review the title thoroughly to find out whether there are any defects that are likely to affect the property’s value and also accessing local search results.
In instances, when the property was purchased originally a while ago, before applying for the re-mortgage, local searches will be demanded as there are changes that have occurred in the local area. The solicitor is also left to review the mortgage offer. They make sure that there is enough money on offer to off-set the current mortgage and cover fees, the solicitors ensures that they meet in full all the new mortgage conditions.

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