How To Instruct A Property Solicitor

Instructing Property Solicitors

Instructing Property Solicitors

By utilizing our comparison website, you will find it an easy way to instruct conveyancing solicitors. It doesn’t make it only easier, it is also a way that you can save money and time. The reason being; our state of the art conveyancing solicitors’ comparison website makes it easy for users to compare fees with just a click of a button.

With this system, you will now have the chance of instructing property solicitors after having compared the feedback and quotes. This way, you are sure of arriving at the best deal for your property transaction in the United Kingdom.

Instructing A Conveyancing Solicitor

When it boils down to selling a property, one of the most integral things you require to do, is do your best and instruct a conveyancing solicitor. One that will be the one representing you for your transaction.

An appointed solicitor sees to it that your purchase or sale goes as smoothly as it ought to. Thy does this by obtaining all the necessary legal documentation.

Any paperwork in relation to the property will be thoroughly scrutinized by a well-trained legal professional. One who will be able to flag any potential problems. They will work on your behalf to avert or solve the problems at hand.

Conveyancing is a very intricate process as there is a great deal of work involved in it. It isn’t mandatory to hire a conveyancing solicitor to conduct the job on your behalf. Doing so is rather important as you will be able to save a great deal from stress, time and effort.

Right before you instruct a property solicitor, it’s in your interest to conduct a little research online. It is to find a firm that will be able to grant you the services at prices you are happy to pay.

See to it that the company you are dealing with is a licensed by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Get quotes for fees and ask to be given a disbursements list. Such are third-party costs incurred by the property lawyer during the transaction process and later transferred to you.

If your quotes do not have any itemized disbursement lists, be very wary. You might end up paying much more than you expected to pay.

The instance you are ready for instructing a property solicitor, get in touch with the agency either by email or phone. Let them know that you are willing to hire them to work on your purchase or sale.

You will be sent a package together with some or all the components listed below:

For The Selling Party

Confirmation Instruction Letter: this is just but a simple form that confirms that as a seller, you have granted permission to the conveyancer to represent you during the sale of your property. All you have to do is sign this piece of document.

Fittings and Fixture Form: this is a piece of structure that gives you the opportunity to specify the kind/type of fittings and fixtures that will be sold together with the property. As the seller, you will now grant the buyer an option of retaining specific fixtures or fittings for extra costs.

SPIF (Seller’s Property Information Form): Brace yourself as this is a lengthy questionnaire. It will cover all property aspects right from; boundaries, occupiers, planning, environmental matters, council tax, and disputes. It’s in your best interests that you give out honest answers and as many details as you should.

If you have no clue on how you need to respond any of the questions, it’s important that you get in touch with the lawyer who will be able to grant you, assistance.

N.B.: As you return the documents mentioned above, you are also required to attach a certified ID alongside and Energy Performance Certificate that pertains to the property.

For Buying Parties

Confirmation Instructions Letter: this is a simple form that confirms that you have granted the conveyance solicitor permission to represent you during the purchase process. It is a form that you only need to sign.

Pre-contract Inquiries: such is a list of questions concerning the property. The list sent to the solicitor representing the seller. As the buying party, you are required to check the inquiries and allow your lawyer to know whether you wish any further queries.

N.B.: As you return the documents, you too will have to attach a certified ID. Whether you are the seller or the buyer, it’s important that you fill relevant forms the quickest that you possibly can. Return them to your appointed property lawyer, this way, work may commence on the sale or purchase.

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