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Licensed Property Conveyancers

Licensed Property Conveyancers

We all know that moving house is an intricate and stressful occurrence. Getting a new place. Packing your things. Arranging for transport, these are things that come with their fair share of challenges.

If you wish to have peace of mind, your investment safety is an important thing that gets the legal process right. You should conduct the following before you think of moving:

Land searches, property searches. Arrange Contracts. Exchange Funds. Ensure that the property ownership is clear, etc. It’s important that you get the help of a lawyer.

What A Licensed Conveyancer Can Do For You

Conveyancers deal with legal, administrative and financial requirements necessary in the buying and selling or re-mortgaging of a property.

Licensed conveyancers deal with transactions exceeding ten billion pounds annually. Their specialization in property matters translates to a track record protecting their clients.

Part of legal services they render include: prepping and agreeing contracts. Arranging the ownership transfer. Arranging mortgage and lease. Drawing up documents the selling and buying party have to sign. These are property experts that help with legalities of shared ownership.

There are Licensed Conveyancers authorized to provide probate services. These include legal processes to administer the estate of an individual that has passed on.

Places To Get A Licensed Conveyancer

You can get them from various places. Some of the places we recommend include:


  • Conducting a web search. Using a comparison site to request quotes from licensed conveyancers
  • Looking through the local phone directory
  • Using the Council of Licensed Conveyancers “Find a Licensed Conveyancer” online search program


Who Is The Property Conveyancer Regulator?

The CLC (Council for Licensed Conveyancers), a body regulating licensed conveyancers. The body covers all parts of England and Wales. Some of the ways the regulation takes place includes;


  • Taking up disciplinary actions whenever necessary
  • Setting up education and training standards for Licensed Conveyancers
  • Observing working ethic of Licensed Conveyancers

You can discover more about conveyancers and services they offer through the CLC website.

Protection for Using a Licensed Property Conveyancer

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers uses a code that sets the ways that property conveyancers should behave and work. The program covers six principles.

By using this lot for your property transaction, you have rights. You have rights too; fair treatment. Learning the costs of the legal work. Complaining should something go wrong.

When you lose money due to the actions of the conveyancer or a firm under the CLC, you can make a claim to the CLC’s Compensation Fund. The Client Charter of the CLC sets out all that you need to know.

Step To Take Should Anything Go Wrong With The Licenced Conveyancer

If you are unhappy with the way things are going with the Licensed Conveyancer, let the agency know. Do not shy from calling them or sending an email explaining exactly why you are not pleased. Ask them to rectify where they have gone wrong.

Often, the complaint goes to the conveyancing firm through writing. However, see to it that you make it clear you are making a formal protest. They will handle it the right way.

If you wish to have insight to put together a letter of complaint; the Legal Ombudsman features an example of a grievance letter you can look.

If after sending the protest, there are no changes. Seek support from Legal Ombudsman.


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