Compare Fixed Fees Online Property Conveyancing Quotes

Fixed Fees Online Property Conveyancing

Fixed Fees Online Property Conveyancing

One of the best ways of saving money in property transaction legal services is by taking the comparison of these services and costs online through conveyancing quotes. If you get a quote with the words “Fixed Fees” is refers to the amount or money that you will have to pay after the successful completion of a transaction.

When and if a sale doesn’t conclude successfully, you will not be required to pay the fixed fee that was quoted. Not every property solicitor work through a No Sale No Fee Guarantee.

Services rendered by fixed fees online property conveyancing firm are far better that services meted out by a lawyer that charges on an hourly basis. Costs have a chance of spiralling out of control should the process hit a snug when been charged per hour.

Again, being accorded services via an online platform, it means that you have the opportune chance to save time by completing the process online. You will be happy to not that our comparison website is used by many people (thousands) in the United Kingdom. They are able to save a great deal of money on the purchase and sale legal fees.

Enquiries For Pre-Contract

When it comes to a property sale, the conveyancing solicitor representing the seller is mandated with the task of drawing up the contract. The contract is letter sent to the solicitor representing the seller together with:

  • Form of Contents
  • Seller’s Property Information Form (SPIF)
  • Title Deeds
  • Fixtures & Fittings

The solicitor representing the buyer is now left with the chance of raising enquiries. They do this in accordance to the info received through the contract pack. The enquiries will seek for any paperwork in relation to property. They will also request for more info on anything brought up by searches or anything else the buying party wishes to know about.

Buying Parties Raising Questions

The bulk of questions raised by the conveyancing solicitor will be standard. They will not call for any input from the buyer. The solicitor will also seek more info and paperwork in-regard to the property including:

  • Asbestos Report
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Fire Safety Certificate

In instances when the SPIF carries development details in relation to works on the building, the buyer’s appointed solicitor will ask to be given the planning permissions. These will be in relation to the works carried out.

Warranties for materials such as boilers will also be given out through the enquiries raised. The buyer will also be presented with a copy for the enquiries. Also they will receive documents given out by the selling party in the contract pack.

The seller’s solicitor will review the enquiries made. As the buyer, you are requested to notify your solicitor should you have further enquiries you wish to make. Never shy away from asking questions or making requests for more details regarding SPIF answers.

It is critically important that you have with you all the kind of info needed to come up with a complete picture of the property. This is before you move to the next stage which is the exchange of contracts.

Selling Party Responding To Enquiries Made

Solicitors appointed by the selling party will receive enquiries made by the solicitors representing the buying party. Solicitors will go through enquiries made and present answers involving any legal perspective.

The seller’s solicitors will ask the seller to furnish them with any documents that are relevant. This is so that they readied and sent back as responses to the buyer’s solicitors. Any enquiries made and call for more knowledge regarding the property will be passed on to the selling party.

It’s a rather important thing to be truthful when answering such queries as much as the answers may have a negative feeling on the property. Reasons being, enquiries form a certain part of the legal agreement.

Should answers given out be found wanting and untrue at a later stage, legal action is likely to be brought forth against the selling party. You might be in a position of paying compensation. If you are not sure about some answers, you are advised to create statements such as; “not to the Sellers Best Knowledge” or “Not as Far as The Seller Is Aware”.

These are the kinds of answers that will protect you from any legal action.

Further Enquiries

It’s an excellent idea to respond to enquiries wholly and as soon you possibly can. When and if the buying party of the solicitor appointed by the buying party feels as if the info provided isn’t sufficient, they may wish to make additional enquiries.

The process can proceed on for as many rounds of the enquiries as it will take to fully satisfy the buying party. Should the seller be somewhat slow when it comes to responding, it is able to hold up the transaction. In most circumstances there are only one or two rounds of enquiries made.

Insurance Policies

Should any of the documents requested by the solicitors representing the buyer are unobtainable, the seller will be requested to buy insurance policies in their stead. An insurance policy in a payment policy that protects the buyer should anything go wrong and the documents will either show or prevent.

Comparing Fixed Fee Online Property Conveyancing Quotes

By utilizing our comparison website and using it as a basis of comparing fixed fees online property conveyancing quotes, you will have opted to work with the best online based property solicitors. One that will grant you the best services at the cheapest prices.

If you are able to a quote that is cheaper somewhere else, we promise you to beat that legal fee. We hate the idea of being beaten on services or prices. Hence the reason why we are the most recommended conveyancing agency in the United Kingdom.


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