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Fast Property Solicitors

Fast Property Solicitors

When you are under time pressures when it boils down to purchasing a property, it’s important that provides you with conveyancing services that are fast. It might be that the seller has come up with certain restrictions. That may cause you to pay penalties or end up losing the sale should it not change hands within a setup time frame.

You may be wanting to only buy the property fast so that you can move in the property as quick as you possibly can. Whichever reason that is making you buy the property, we have come up with a guide below. That makes it possible for you to purchase the property very fast and as smoothly as you possibly can.

What You Need To Do To See To It That The Buying Process Concludes Smoothly

It is such a hard thing to predict the duration that the process of conveyance will complete from the beginning. The average buying period is between eight to twelve weeks. That said however, the legal process is one that involves a lot of hurdles and delays. In some cases it is a process that drags on for well over a year.

In situations when a bigger part of the process is out of your hands. This is especially when the buying process is part of a chain, there are a number of things that as a buyer you can do and speed up the whole process. This is a move that ensures that everything proceeds as smoothly as it possible can.

Preliminary Paperwork

All through the process, you are left with the responsibility of filling out and having to submit certain documents. It’s always a wise decision to undertake this process the soonest that you can.

The instance that you give out instructions to your fast property solicitor, you will be presented with an instructions pack. The pack comes with an instruction letter confirmation. You will have to tender your signature on, and also fill up personal info.

Fill out the letter and the forms contained in the instructions pack immediately you receive them. Do this even if you will not have located a property that you wish to buy. This way, everything will be ready to take place when you locate a property. Your appointed solicitor will have each and every detail registered into the system.

As you send back the pack, send along with it a certified identification allowing your solicitor to conduct any necessary checks.


The instance you find a property you wish to own and the offer gets accepted, the solicitor representing the seller will draw up a sales contract. That will be sent out to the solicitor you picked to represent you.

The instance the contract is received, your appointed solicitor is left to raise any queries. This is in regard to details carried out in the contract such as:

  • SPIF (Seller’s Property Information Form)
  • Fittings and Content Form
  • Fixtures

You will also be granted with a copy of the enquiries done and will be asked to add anything else that you wish to. Replying to this in the fastest time will help in the speeding up of things. It does take a bit of time for the selling party and the fast property solicitors to answer the enquiries raised.

The sooner you are able to send enquiries the soonest also you will be able to get back replies. This is an activity that is particularly important for leasehold properties. Leasehold properties also calls for a second set of enquiries to be raised with the freeholder or managing agency that is in charge of the property.

It’s rather unfortunate that a lot of people have a lot of difficulty with obtaining responses that are quick from such sources. The earliest in the conveyance process queries become raised the better it is.


Search results are in most cases likely to consume a lot of time to come back from a lot of authorities that are responsible for handling them. As the buyer, you are the one left in charge of the time that the property lawyer should make a request for searches to be done.

There are individuals who prefer waiting till when a survey is conducted and receive a mortgage offer. This is since the survey report/mortgage requirements will state the specific searches that ought to be done on top of the usual searches.

However, if you are looking to speed up the whole process, its best that you suggest that searches get submitted the soonest you are able to instruct a conveyancing solicitor. Try and do this well before mortgage offer or a survey report is presented.

There are a number of searches that ought to be carried out on every property. Getting these searches begun early enough will boost up the proceedings. Be aware that you are most likely going to pay for the searches up front. See to it that you have funds to pay for them.

Financial Matters

Buyers Who Prefer Buying the Property in Cash

The best possible ways of maximizing chances of buying a property fast is by buying the property with cash. This means that you will have to pay for the property with your own money. You do not need to get a mortgage on the property.

Cash buyers have the ability of eliminating the need of having to wait for documents from mortgage lenders. They have control over the searches and surveys needed. It’s rather an unfortunate thing that this is not an option feasible for a majority of people.

Buying Property Through A Mortgage

Mortgage financiers are the main suspects when it comes to conveyancing transaction delays. It’s mandatory for financiers to provide your fast property solicitor with a written mortgage offer. See to it that a survey is carried out.

The main problem is the duration in time it takes mortgage financiers to send a postal copy of the mortgage offer to the solicitor representing the buyer. Until when the documents is given out and checked by your appointed solicitor, the process of exchanging contracts is one that cannot proceed.

If you are in need of a mortgage to buy the property, there are a number of steps that you should take to lower the delay risks. The first step involves gathering your finances and lining them together during the initial stages of conveyancing.

You ought to fully research the mortgage products that are much likely to be availed. Next step involves approaching your financier to get a mortgage offer in principle as you search for a property. This means that a lot of the underwriting work has taken place when you get a property that you intend to buy. You are then able to get a mortgage fast.

Also request mortgage financiers use faxes or send you documents to your appointed fast conveyancing solicitor. While they may still require that a postal copy before any exchange takes place. They can as well use fax or email to go over details and see to it that things remain in order.

Fast House Conveyancing

By following the mentioned above instructions, you are now able to guarantee that your completion will be a speedy one. Again, there are two or more parties involved in any sale and for things to go fast all parties must act fast.

By making use of our fast house conveyancing firms, that we have listed, you are now able to save both time and money. All processes are conducted online. You will not need to take time off work to visit your conveyancing solicitor. The process will be sped up as it will be done on an online platform and you are able to track your case promptly.


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