Common Causes Of Property Conveyancing Delays

Property Conveyancing Delays

Property Conveyancing Delays

As the buying party or the selling party, you may wonder why you have to go through unreasonable and unrealistic delays in conveyancing. Should you experience any of the above; kindly check with your conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer why such delays are inevitable.

If you are provided with an unsatisfactory answer, do not keep quiet, alternatively, consult with an experienced adviser. You can contact a party such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Conveyancing Bill Is Too HighProperty Conveyancing Delays

As the buying party or the selling party, believes that your solicitor or licensed property conveyancer has issued you with a bill that is too high, go through the itemized items to know their individual costs. As the conveyancer or lawyer to explain what you don’t understand.

If the answers provided are unsatisfactory; consider taking up further action against the legal representative. Better yet place a complaint at the Legal Ombudsman in England and Wales. If you are in Northern Ireland, seek help from the Law Society.

If the Conveyancer or Property Lawyer Is Negligent To the Buyer

If you are the one buying the property and you feel that your legal aid is neglecting you, especially after the completion of the process, you discover that there are problems with the property’s boundary wall.

Perhaps you find a road widening project that will chew up part of your land thus reducing your property’s value. In the UK, should such an incidence take place and you wish to be compensated, seek legal redress about ways you can sue the legal agent who helped you with the conveyancing process.

If the complaint has rather do with behaviour or poor services, it’s in your best interests to follow any internal complaints procedures of the agency concerned. Should you not be happy with the conveyancing outcome, complaining may help you get a compensation.

In the United Kingdom, you can visit the Legal Ombudsman website or offices and complain if you used a conveyancing solicitor or a licensed lawyer. In Northern Ireland, on the other hand, such matters are swiftly dealt with by the Law Society.

Should the complaint outcome not be satisfactory, consider consulting an experienced adviser; case in point; Citizens Advice Bureau.

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