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    Having gone through numerous conveyancing forums, I am yet to come up with a sufficient answer to my questions. I am really hoping that this is the forum that I’ll get the answers from.

    I have had an offer on Grade II Listed property accepted. I have always intended to instruct local solicitors, usually the ones with a good reputation and a high knowledge of listed building within this area.

    Question is; is there such a thing? Do you believe that perhaps I am inhibiting my search area for an appropriate legal aid?

    I harbour several concerns concerning the development of a modern chimney a number of years past, thanks to a fire that destroyed the chimney. Insurer paid for the chimney to be erected correctly, however, I expected reclaimed bricks as the chimney sticks out as a sore thumb.

    So I’m I likely to accrue any benefits from using local conveyancers with extensive knowledge of this area, or are there conveyancers/solicitors that have a specialty in listed buildings?

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