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    We are currently in the final stages of disposing of our flat and purchasing a property. We have ported the existing mortgage across to the new home. That said however; we have taken notice that our legal agent handling both the sale and purchase is now charging us for “Mortgage Works for lender “at £120.

    The above amount is for the sale and is also charging us yet another £12o for “work in connection with the mortgage” for the purchase.

    The time we went to visit the solicitor for the sole purpose of signing the contracts, he also asked us to sign the mortgage form. The latter was blank then, and he was the signature witness. The single A4 sheet for the mortgage had info that I tried to read but couldn’t decipher.

    He promised to send over a copy, the main concerns that we have are as much as he has given us the necessary paperwork, he is still yet to supply us with a mortgage form copy. Neither has he replied our email questions in regards to the 2nd charge.

    £120 doesn’t seem as much, however, we have now noticed the presence of padding in the numerous charges that we are being asked to pay for the conveyancing. Is this normal? How do we navigate forth as we are too deep into this stage?

    Kindly come to our aid.

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