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    Hello people,

    I am an FTB and I am at the position where I am about to instruct a solicitor. Well, thing is; I haven’t the clue of the kind of costs I should expect. I have budgeted for every eventuality, however, I am keen on not being ripped off

    The property I am going for is a new build. There isn’t a chain since I am an FTB and there is no sale on my part. The property is a shared ownership and the housing association has issued me with details of solicitors they recommend.

    I am not keen on using the recommended agency as it has emerged that the housing association isn’t giving me room to shop around for my own conveyancing solicitor. I am not happy with this move.

    Anyone willing to provide me with info fees given the above scenario? Care to reveal what entails in the conveyancing process so I am knowledgeable enough about what I need to pay for?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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